It doesn't have to be so difficult

You’ve probably heard it—most new businesses fail in the first year because starting your own business is just plain hard.

At Startomatic, we believe that’s not true. The process of starting and running a company doesn’t have to be a likely-to-fail challenge. Yes it takes hard work, but with the right guidance and the support of smart software that automates common—and commonly missed—tasks, you can stack the odds in your favor.

We believe more people would be starters*—successful starters—if the guesswork was eliminated and the startup process streamlined.

Startomatic is the fastest, easiest, least expensive way to start and run a company. Want to know more? Read all about our approach in our manifesto or check out How it Works.

* starter | stär-tər | n.

1. A person who acts on the opportunity to create profits using available skills and tools.

2. Like "entrepreneur", but cooler—and easier to spell.

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