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Simplify everything about your business

Small business operators like you need right-sized tools: productivity, collaboration, legal templates, digital storage, and more. Startomatic's intuitive software suite is easy to learn, easy to use, and all included for just $99/month.

Get organized - stay organized

We know there are a lot of things on your plate when you start a business - trust us, we've been there. So we built the software that can keep you and your team on track - even if your 'team' is you and Mittens the cat.

A home for all your company files

With 10 GB of storage included, you can easily organize, share and access all your company files with the streamlined File Manager.

Your virtual whiteboards

For plans and possibilities that need in-depth thought and discussion, the Idea Board has you covered. Think of it as unlimited whiteboard space, each customizable with title, rich text, even photos or graphics. And you control who has access and who can edit each board.

A dedicated thread for connecting quickly

The Group Chat Starter Tool is a radically streamlined place for your team of two or ten to discuss, debate, and ideate in real time.

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