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We like simple things

Startomatic was created to simplify your business, not complicate it. There's no need to pick a service tier, no hidden charges, and you can cancel any time - just email us. It's how we think business should be done.

  • Every Starter Guide included
  • Coming soon website
  • .com domain registration
  • Store docs in our secure online file storage
  • Library of customizable legal docs
  • E-sign all documents
  • Every Starter Tool included
  • Custom logo creator
  • Employer Identification Number
  • S-election filing
  • Up to 6 company email mailboxes included
  • Get found with SEO

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Got Questions?

Q. $99 /month is less than my internet bill. How is that possible?!?

A. Well, we’re not Xfinity or AT&T so we can’t tell you why those (unscrupulous, unsavory, uncaring) guys charge what they do. But we can tell you that Startomatic is software built in-house, from the ground up, to be easy to use and efficient - which means we don’t have to pay a lot to fix problems or explain how it works - it just works.

Q. How do I get a refund during the trial period?

A. Just email or call us within 14 days of signing up. We’ll issue you a refund of everything you’ve paid us (excluding third party fees, like state filing fees) within two business days. No hard feelings, we promise.

Q. What if I want to cancel?

A. Why would you want to do that?? But seriously - email us, call us, send us a homing pigeon, it’s all the same to us, we’ll cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

Q. What happens to my data if I cancel?

A. Your data is yours, not ours. When you cancel, you’ll have the ability to download everything - your logos, any legal docs you’ve created, anything you’ve stored in our secure file storage, all of it.

Q. What will I pay extra for?

A. Easy! The only “add-on” charges are third-party fees for optional services you can order through Startomatic. Here’s the complete list:

Service Add-on Charges
Filing fees for forming an LLC or corporation Varies, depending on the state and entity type you select, but average $150-$350. You can review the total cost before you complete your order.
Registered Agent Service$99 per year.
Email mailboxesThe first 6 mailboxes are included; $6 per mailbox per month after that.

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