The Cannon
has partnered with Startomatic

You already know that the Cannon is building a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and investors.

Now the Cannon has partnered with Startomatic to offer founders the early resources they need to quickly and easily launch and run their new businesses - for just $99 per month, plus state filing fees.

Startomatic gives The Cannon members access to the nuts and bolts of company formation - legal, branding, and operational - that every new business needs, Their system and their approach make them the perfect partner for us.

Start your business off right with Starter Flow

This clear, step-by-step process helps make sure you don't miss a thing.

One subscription, everything your new business needs.

Start with just an idea!
Business Planning
Quickly create a simple, clear business plan, covering all the basics.
Company Brand
Find a conflict-free name, custom logo,web domain, business email, and more to brand your company.
Legally Incorporate
We provide—and file—all the legal documents needed to form your LLC or corporation in any state. EIN, legal templates, and more are all included.
Back Office Set Up
A full suite of collaboration tools including a Project Manager, Company Calendar, Group Chat and more, along with plain-English guidance for setting up a bank account, communicating with your team, and operating your new business.
Now your business is set up for success!

Ready to dive in? Start today for 25% off our regular price of $99/month.

If you have any questions, The Cannon is always just a click away.

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