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A downloadable library of common legal documents

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From confidentiality agreements to employee offer letters, companies need a variety of legal documents to do business safely and legally.

This Starter Tool allows you to quickly download customizable Word versions of the most common types of legal contracts and documents

You'll simply select the type of document you need, download it, enter the information that's specific to your needs, and have each party sign the document. Each document in the library contains detailed instructions for completing the necessary information.

Who needs this starter tool:

The Legal Document Creator is for starters who need a variety of contracts and documents created quickly and accurately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (3)

Are these documents legally enforceable?
These templates have been written with best practices for documents of their type, and they are intended to be usable in all 50 states. However, whether a specific contract or agreement is enforceable is a question specific to that actual agreement.

In the case of these documents, they are provided as a "self-help" measure for you to create your own legal documents. If they are completed correctly and fully, and signed by all parties, they would be expected to be enforceable in any jurisdiction in the United States. 

However, if you make changes to the documents other than per the instructions, or if the documents are otherwise defective according to a court or administrative agency, it is possible the documents may not be enforceable. 

Long story short: unfortunately there is no way for Startomatic to guarantee enforceability. If you need assurances about enforceability, we recommend you speak with an experienced business lawyer in your state.
Do I need to use a lawyer to create these documents?
No, not necessarily. If you plan to use these documents as written, without making any changes to the language, and if you include all information required by the instructions, they would be expected to be fully enforceable.

However, if you need to make changes to the documents other than per the instructions, we recommend you speak with an experienced business lawyer in your state to ensure the agreements are accurate and enforceable.
Can I use these documents in any state?
Yes, these documents are designed to be effective in all 50 states.

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