Idea Board

A place to post and discuss ideas - big and small

What you get with this starter tool:

Think of the Idea Board as your company's digital whiteboard - a place where there are absolutely no limits on creativity, but also a place where you can create order out of otherwise unruly ideas.

Like most things with Startomatic, we're keeping it simple. You create an idea by giving it a title, then let loose with your thoughts in a flexible space that allows rich text, automated bulleted and numbered lists, inserting photographs or graphics, and unlimited editing.

When you create an Idea, you control the accessibility of other users, and you're also the only one who can delete it.

Who needs this starter tool:

The Idea Board is perfect for a small team to share and organize thoughts on any aspect of a business. Even for a solo starter, this is a great place to get control over the plans, projects, and problems that are running around in your head.

It's like you have a never-ending stack of the world's biggest Post-It notes - except these Ideas never lose their stickiness and end up under your desk.

If you're looking for a quicker way to share shorter thoughts/requests/plans, consider the Group Chat Starter Tool - it's like a group text chain just for your company team.

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