Group Chat

Real-time communication for your whole team

What you get with this starter tool:

Group Chat is fast, easy, and clear communication for everyone in your team.

It's single thread text communications, no complicated sub threads and no need to "at" anybody. 

Note: All users in your company will have full access to the Group Chat, including the Account Owner, Admins, and Advisors.

Who needs this starter tool:

Group Chat is designed for companies like yours with very small teams who need a centralized place to discuss real-time company issues.

Use it for behind-the-scenes strategizing while on a conference call, or as a place to get quick agreement on the time for your next meeting or even gather lunch orders!

For more permanent communications or in-depth discussions on multiple topics, check out the Idea Board Starter Tool.

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Frequently Asked Question (1)

How do I delete a message?
Hover over the message and you'll see a trash can icon to the right; click on it to delete that single message.

Note that only the user who wrote the message can delete it.

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