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What you get with this starter tool:

Our Email Setup tool is designed to quickly and simply create your company's email account using your custom domain name.

If you've registered your domain name (for example, "") with Startomatic, this tool is absolutely a breeze. You'll just enter the domain, and Startomatic will instantly and automatically create your customer account and Domain Name System (DNS) records, and register your domain name with our third-party email service provider, Rackspace.

If you have registered your domain with another registrar (like GoDaddy or, after entering your domain name, you'll need to create a couple of DNS records at your registrar. If that thought makes you a little queasy, don't worry! We'll show you how to do it step by step.

Once your email account is created with this Starter Tool, you'll be ready to create the actual email mailboxes for yourself and anyone else in your company. You'll do that in the Email Manager Starter Tool.

Who needs this starter tool:

This quick Starter Tool is for starters who want to set up a company-branded email using a custom domain (for example, "").

NOTE: Before you can set up your company email with this Starter Tool, you'll need to own the domain name (like "") that you want to use in your email addresses (e.g., ""). The easiest way to get a domain name is with Startomatic's Domain Name Finder and Domain Name Registration tools. Check those out first if you need to find & register a domain for your company.

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