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This Starter Tool will show you whether the .com web domain matching your company name(s) is available or not, and will also show you possible similar .com domains you may want to consider.

Who needs this starter tool:

The Domain Name Finder is for starters who have one or more company names in mind and want to check for available .com domain names that are the same or related to their company name.

If you know the domain you want and you're ready to register it, head over to the Domain Name Registration Tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions (7)

What's a domain name?
Put simply, it's the name of a website. So,, and are all domain names.
Is a domain name the same as a website?
Nope - a domain name is the address (like, while the website is what you actually see when you go to that web address.
Can Startomatic help me build a website for my domain?
Yes! We can create a custom "coming soon" web page for you with our Coming Soon Web Page Starter Tool.

Why do I need to be online at all? 
You probably know this already, but consumers look for products and services online. In fact, some research shows that 87% of consumers now begin their product search online, and all indications are that number will only go up. If you want customers to find you, you need to be online.
How do I find and register an available domain name? 
First of all, a “domain name” is different from a website. A domain name is the website’s address that is typed into a browser’s address bar - for example, or are domain names. The website is the images, text, and other content that appear when you visit a domain. Lots of services online can help you search for and register an available domain name, but we’re pretty excited about Startomatic’s version. You can find and register a domain in less than five minutes, and the annual registration costs - as well as the hosting cost for your website - is included in a Startomatic subscription.
How do I publish my first website? 
Once you have a domain, you want to put a website on it. Again, there are TONS of online providers of website builders - from big DIY sites like Squarespace and Wix, which may cost $12-$47 per month (lots of available add-ons increase those prices), to professional website developers who charge flat fees of $5,000 - $50,000 (or more!) to build a custom website. The easiest way to get online? Startomatic’s Coming Soon Page Creator - a super simple tool to create a basic coming soon web page.
Can I get a .io, .biz or other 'Top Level Domain' extension?
We always like to keep things simple - so Startomatic offers a limited selection of domain extensions.

We have .com names, of course, as well as .net, .org, .us, .company, and .xyz.

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