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Easily create & file custom legal formation documents

What you get with this starter tool:

Creating and filing the variety of legal documents necessary to form a new corporation or LLC may seem intimidating. Good thing you have Startomatic on your side!

This Starter Tool gathers all the information needed to prepare the documents that legally create your company, then instantly prepares custom, best-practices legal documents for you.

Once your documents are created, you'll review them for accuracy, sign them electronically, and submit them for filing with a click, legally creating your company. You can even pay the filing fees using Stripe, right in the app.

Who needs this starter tool:

This Starter Tool is for company founders who are ready to legally form their business by creating and filing formation documents with their state of formation.

The tool also creates the variety of legal documents specifying the initial ownership and management of the company.

Note: To use this Starter Tool, you must have previously completed the Legal Entity Selector and Company Ownership Setup Starter Tools.

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Filing fees vary by state and selected legal entity type



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Frequently Asked Questions (5)

So what do all these documents actually do?
Next to each document is a short description of what it is for, but a read through of each document is your best bet for understanding how they create the governance structure for your corporation. 

Don't worry, we're using industry standard terms and provisions in all of these documents, and they are custom tailored to the requirements of your state of formation.
Can I revise these documents later?
In most cases, yes.

While amendment of the charter (the formation document filed with the state) would usually require written approval of the owner(s) and a filing with the Secretary of State (including a state filing fee), most of the other documents can be revised with the approval of the company's owners, directors, officers, and/or managers. Those documents generally do not need to be filed with any state authority.

However, revising your formation documents is generally not a DIY exercise. We recommend you speak with an experienced business lawyer if you believe you need to revise these documents. 
What is a registered agent?
A registered agent is an individual or company located in the corporation's state who is responsible for receiving regular notices from the state (such as annual report filing notices and tax information) as well as legal paperwork (like lawsuits and more routine stuff). 

A registered agent must have an address at which someone is available during business hours to receive documents, and must forward documents to the company.
Who can be a registered agent?
Generally, any person or company with an address in the state of the corporation's formation at which someone is available in person during all normal business hours.
Should I be my own company's registered agent?
If you don't mind a little extra paperwork and you have an address at which someone is generally available to receive notices during regular business hours, you can serve as your own registered agent and save yourself the annual fee for hiring a professional registered agent, which is $99 per year through Startomatic. 

Keep in mind that the address of a registered agent is publicly available through the Secretary of State of your state of formation.

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