Legally Form Your Company

From name to legal documents to filing, create your new company

What you get with this 11-step starter guide:

This Starter Guide will walk you through the entire process of forming a corporation or an LLC in any state.

From company basics like selecting a name and business address, to choosing your state of formation, type of entity, and registered agent, to automatically generating and filing best practices legal documents, this Guide does it all.

Optional services in this Guide include registering a .com domain name for your company, applying for an EIN and submitting an S-election filing. 

Who needs this starter guide:

The Legally Form Your Company Guide is for starters who are ready to form a legal entity for their new business, and want to streamline the processes of selecting a conflict-free name, choosing an entity type and state of formation, and creating, e-signing, and filing all necessary legal paperwork.

Resources used in this starter guide:

Details about this starter guide:


Varies by selected state and entity type



Company Stage:

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