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Create a robust online presence for your new company

What you get with this 15-step starter guide:

Every new company needs an online presence. For some companies, this may be little more than some contact information. For others, the company will market, sell and operate entirely online. Most are somewhere in between.

This Starter Guide enables you to quickly establish online accounts and tools that will create your company's initial electronic "footprint" and build a foundation to get found and be successful online.

Part tech guidance, part digital marketing crash course, Startomatic has distilled and automated everything your company needs to get online and do it right. 

Who needs this starter guide:

This Starter Guide is for starters who have not yet created much, if any, of an online presence for their new company. "Online presence" includes custom email accounts (""), a first web page, a presence on multiple social media accounts, and some legwork for getting found by search engines ("SEO", or "search engine optimization").

You should already have your company's branding squared away (name, domain name, & logo); if not, you should first complete the Brand Your Company Starter Guide.

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