Get Started With Social Media

Create company accounts on common social media platforms

What you get with this 7-step starter guide:

Every new company should have a social media presence. It's an opportunity to connect with customers and potential customers, and a lot of it can be done for free!

This Starter Guide enables you to quickly establish business social media accounts with the most common social media giants: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These accounts help create your company's electronic "footprint" and build a foundation to get found and be successful online.

Part tech guidance, part digital marketing crash course, this guide has everything your company needs to get started on social media. 

Who needs this starter guide:

This Starter Guide is for starters who have not yet set up business accounts with one or more of the most common social media platforms. 

You should already have your company's branding squared away (name, domain name, & logo); if not, you should first complete the Brand Your Company Starter Guide.

Resources used in this starter guide:

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Company Stage:

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Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Do I really need all of these social media accounts?
It depends - some companies base the majority of their marketing on connecting with customers through social media; for others, it's just a 'nice to have', and some companies do great without any social media presence at all. 

Don't worry, if you decide not to set up these accounts but change your mind later, you can always come back to your Dashboard to set them up in the future.
Can Startomatic set up my company's social media profiles for me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Angie's List, etc.?
Not yet, but we're always adding functionality so be sure to check back in with us often!

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