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Is your company name already taken?

What you get with this 5-step starter guide:

You may have one or a few possible names in mind for your new company. But how do you know someone else isn't already using the name? What if you get a letter in a few months telling you you'll need to change your signage, letterhead, website and more?

This Starter Guide is designed to help you be sure the name you choose for your company isn't already in use by another company.

It'll walk you through real-time searches for available domain names, conflicting U.S. trademarks, Secretary of State databases, and even help with a broad Google search for problematic businesses with the same or similar name.

Who needs this starter guide:

This Guide is for starters who have one or a few names in mind for their new business and want help ensuring they won't conflict with the name of someone else's business.

Before you use this Guide, you should:
1. Have one or a few company names in mind to check. If you need help coming up with some good names, check out our Find a Company Name Starter Guide.
2. Have a good idea about the state where you will form your company. If you need help determining this, first check out our Starter Guide, Select a State of Formation.

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