Brand Your Company

Select the right name, internet domain, and logo for your new company

What you get with this 11-step starter guide:

This Starter Guide provides all the tools and guidance you need to start building, protecting, and growing your new company's brand.

First, we'll help you find a name you like and make sure that it doesn't conflict with another company's existing name or trademark.

Next, we'll help you find an available .com internet domain name that works with your company's name. You'll even have the option to instantly register the domain you choose. If you already have a domain, that works too - we'll connect it to your Startomatic account.

Finally, use Startomatic's proprietary logo generator to create your company's custom logo. Already have a logo? No problem, you can upload it here.

Who needs this starter guide:

The Brand Your Company Starter Guide is for starters who want help creating and/or finalizing their new company's initial brand.

If you already have a company name, domain name, and/or logo, that's fine - we will help you add them to your company's profile in Startomatic and also double check them for possible conflicts with other existing brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions (4)

Can I change my name later?
Absolutely! Until you actually submit your company's organizational documents for filing, the legal name is not set in stone.

Even after you've legally formed your company, you can change its legal name by filing an amendment to the organizational documents with the Secretary of State of State - although that does require some legal documents and a filing fee. 
Is the name I choose in this Starter Guide the same as the legal name of my company?
Not necessarily. A company's 'legal' name is the name of the company in the records of the state in which the company is legally formed.

The name under which a company does business (i.e., the name you'll put on the outside of your skyscraper in a few short years!) is usually referred to as a 'trade name'. Trade names and legal names are often identical, but not always.

To keep things simple, we recommend that your trade name and legal name be the same - but they don't have to be. In this Starter Guide, you're selecting your trade name.
What's a domain name?
Put simply, it's the name of a website. So,, and are all domain names.

Related: a "URL" is a complete website address - like So you can see that a URL will usually contain a domain name (, in this case).
Can Startomatic help me build a website for my domain?
Yes! We can create a custom "coming soon" web page for you with our Coming Soon Web Page Starter Tool.

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