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All the tools you need - name, logo and more - to go from idea to identity

Step-by-step, build your brand's foundation

Startomatic is all about making things easier and faster. Our Brand Your Company guide does just that. From a conflict-free name to a matching domain to logo and more, just take it one step at a time with this Starter Guide - one of many included for every Startomatic user.

Find a name that works for you

Your company's name probably won't be the difference between success or failure. But finding a conflict-free name is critical. Our suite of tools helps you be confident that the name you choose works well with a domain name, doesn't run afoul of existing trademarks, and doesn't conflict with other businesses in your industry or region.

Get excited about a new logo

We have a feeling you'll love this part. Our Logo Creator has literally millions of combinations of customizable text, symbols and colors. You're sure to find a logo that fits your company's new identity. Even better, you can download more that fifteen versions customized for all kinds of digital uses.

Social media setup made simple

Getting your company going on social media starts with finding a great name or handle. These Starter Tools take all the guesswork out of finding the right name on the most popular platforms.

Twitter Handle Finder

Frequently Asked Questions

Literally a few minutes. Our name and logo Starter Tools make it fast and fun to search and select a name and logo that not only fit your company's new brand image, but are also unlikely to cause problems with other existing brands or trademarks in your industry.

For sure! Need seperate logos for different products? No problem - you can use the Logo Generator as often as you like, and download a variety of file types and sizes for each one you choose.

Ready to dive in? Only $99/month. Risk free for 14 days.

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