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Fast, hassle-free LLC and corporate formations in any state

Your company is legal in as little as 24 hours - and that's just the start

Step-by-step instructions guide you start to finish

Starter Guides are the no-guesswork solution to all your questions about forming a company. And the Legally Form Your Company Starter Guide lets you skip the expensive law firm and still get best-practices legal documents, filed quickly.

Powerful software that's a snap to use

These Starter Tools make it easy and fast to choose the right state to form in, pick the correct company type, and document company ownership and management. Did we mention - they also let you e-sign and electronically file your formation documents in just minutes?

Need to get an EIN or file an S-election? We have tools for that...

Forget paper forms and pages of instructions. These Starter Tools make quick work of initial tax filings. Are the words 'EIN' and 'S-election' total gibberish to you? No worries - we explain them - and everything else you need to do to start your company - in plain English.

... not to mention all the legal templates you need to get your business going.

From nondisclosure agreements to hiring your first employee, our easy-to-use legal templates save you money and are valid in all 50 states.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Startomatic can form your corporation (including S-corporations or C-corporations) or limited liability company. Almost every new business will want to choose one of those types of legal entities. Looking for nonprofit, sole proprietor, or other business types? Stay tuned, we are adding new functionality all the time!

Startomatic allows you to form your corporation or LLC in any state - as well as Washington, D.C. Compare that to some of the other sites out there that only allow you to form in Delaware, or maybe Delaware or Wyoming. If you know about foreign qualification fees, you know that those limitations could cost you hundreds of dollars every year, unnecessarily.

Heck YES! Startomatic does so much more - like creating the documents that issue your stock or ownership interests to founders, getting your EIN, making an S-election, and accessing a whole library of common legal templates, we have you covered.

Ready to dive in? Only $99/month. Risk free for 14 days.

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