"Starters" are the New Entrepreneurs

An overdue update for the language of new businesses

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Mar 9 · 2 min read
Listen, it’s not that we have anything against the French.  In fact, a fresh buttered baguette, bottle of Bordeaux, and view of the Seine should be a mandatory experience for every human.

But there’s something French we’ve had just about enough of: the word entrepreneur.

It’s hard to pronounce. It’s hard to spell. It sounds kind of pretentious. And that’s before we get to the disaster that is entrepreneurship or - mon Dieu! - entrepreneurial.

An entrepreneur by any other name

You might ask: “Does the word really matter?”  At Startomatic, we say yes. The language used to describe people like yourself who have the drive to go out and found a new company - to actually expand the scope of human activity - it matters. And right now, “entrepreneur” has too much baggage to serve the purpose.

Ask someone what they think of when they hear the word entrepreneur, and you’re likely to get some mashup of Steve Jobs’ famous temper, Elon Musk’s tiresome eccentricity, and a room full of 20-somethings in Silicon Valley playing ping pong while the money just rolls in.

Problem is - none of that is the norm. A business founder is much more likely to be a skilled chef or landscaper, a software hobbyist, or a retiree with an idea for a great new consumer product. These people may never be described as eccentric geniuses, but what they have is a practical attitude and the will to try something new.

Time for a something more universal

So we need a word that fits these folks better than “entrepreneur”. At Startomatic, we’re going with “starters”. A starter is different from an entrepreneur:

A starter may not have a network of mentors and investors lining up - but they have the commitment to get a job done.

A starter may not have an Ivy league degree, but they have real-world experience and know when to ask for advice.

A starter may already be meeting the demands of parenting, a 9-to-5, and student loans - but they have a confidence in their business idea and in their ability to get it off the ground.

An entrepreneurial spirit… for the rest of us

One of Startomatic’s founding ideals is our commitment to Democratizing Entrepreneurship. We believe software and practical advice can help break down the mythology around entrepreneurship to make it accessible to more people, turning dreamers into job creators.

“Starter” fits with that ideal - removing the elitist shadow in favor of inclusivity.

Are you a starter? Interested in what Startomatic can do for you and your business idea? Check us out at startomatic.com. 
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* starter | stär-tər | n.
  1. Someone who acts on the opportunity to create profits using knowledge, skills, and tools.
  2. Like "entrepreneur", but less pretentious—and easier to spell.

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