Starter Marketing 101: You Should Create a Coming Soon Web Page Today

What this simple, one-page website can do for your new business

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Jan 22 · 2 min read
...and you're the good news!
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Your new company is going to have an awesome web page… one day.

But until that day, what should you do with your shiny new domain name? Let it sit, either an ugly construction site or - maybe worse - a generic “Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist” message?

Heck no. Put that domain name to work.

What is a “coming soon” web page?

A “coming soon” web page is usually a simple, single page, with just a few static elements. But that simple page can do a lot for your company. Most importantly, it can build a foundation for a successful launch of your full page.

Done correctly, a coming soon page will:

-  Grow your email subscription list
-  Cross promote both to and from your social media accounts
-  Build brand recognition by displaying your company’s name, logo, and custom company email address
-  Get a head start on SEO by allowing search engines to begin indexing your page with proper key words

How do I create a coming soon web page?

The best part? Creating a coming soon website isn’t difficult. There are lots of web hosts that can provide a quick coming soon web page for you.

If you’re a Startomatic subscriber, your coming soon webpage can be live in five minutes or less, all hosting and setup fees are included in your subscription. A Startomatic coming soon page includes:

-  Your company’s name and logo
-  Custom headline and business description with SEO-friendly keywords
-  A custom headline photograph
-  An email signup tool
-  Links to your social media accounts
-  A “contact us” button

How much does it cost to build a one-page website in 2021?

The most commonly quoted figure for a single-page DIY WordPress site is $500-$800. Of course there may be monthly and annual hosting and maintenance fees on top of the buildout fee.

A better option may be Startomatic’s subscription plan. It’s $99 per month, and includes one domain name registration, a custom coming soon webpage with all the elements described above, and all hosting and maintenance. In fact, domain and website are just a tiny piece of what Startomatic offers. Every subscriber receives access to every Starter Guide and Starter Tool we offer, each one designed to help a new business founder get their idea off the ground with the least friction and cost. All for just $99 per month.

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