Starter Marketing 101: Just Pick a Logo

Choose something YOU like, and move on

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Jan 8 · 2 min read
Apple's logo didn't start out like this.
How important is your first logo?

We get it. Along with picking a name, deciding on a logo for your new company or its product is one one the most fun parts of launching a new company.

But too often, what should be an enjoyable and necessary task turns into a slog, with days or even weeks of valuable time spent on something that - stay with us here - just isn’t that important.

Your business needs a logo, there’s no doubt. A logo helps customers recognize your goods or services. It can protect your company’s brand through the beauty of trademarks. And a logo can become a valuable part of your company’s identity. Nike. Disney. Apple. They all prove that point. 

But you are not Nike, Disney or Apple. (Not yet!) And a company’s first logo does not determine its success or failure. If it did, you would never have heard of Google.
See? Starting with an awful logo isn't the end of the world. (Google's 1997 logo.)

In fact, it’s vice versa: successful product design, customer service, and marketing - among other core business efforts - are what create a valuable logo.

So don’t get cute when picking a logo. You can hire a graphic design firm to get cute for you, but do it after you hit $1 million in sales.

How to choose a logo

The tl;dr: choose something you like, be sure it’s a little different from anyone else’s logo, and move on to the more important parts of building your business.

Want some more guidance? No problem, just follow just three simple rules when selecting your logo, and you’ll be fine:

1. Choose elements that match the personality of your company - which is usually the same as the starter’s [link to “Starter” Post] personality.

Are you selling kitten-themed socks? Choose a whimsical typeface (font) and bright colors.

Are you a financial advisor? Go a little more… boring. 

Landscaping business? Look for a leaf shape and/or a nice green color. You see what we’re getting at here.

2. Don’t be afraid to borrow elements from logos you like. Notice we didn’t say copy. That would be trademark infringement. But if you like FedEx’s blocky font and colors, use something similar for your logistics company.

3. Go with your gut, and do it quickly. Startomatic wants to help you get to profitability. Which is why we built a whole bunch of tools to automate and speed up the company formation process. Our Logo Creator Starter Tool is fast, easy to use, and has just the right amount of customizability. Use it.

What we want you to take away:
  • Your logo doesn't determine your company’s success; it’s the other way around. 
  • Match your logo to your personality.
  • Startomatic’s Logo Creator can help you create, review, favorite, and choose from hundreds of unique logos in no time. So you have more time to build the rest of your company.
We told you it didn't start out like that... (Apple's first logo, from 1976)
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