Starter Tech 101: How to Start Using Google Search Console

An introduction to Google's powerful - and somewhat technical - tool for understanding & improving your website's search results

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Feb 5 · 1 min read
Understanding how your company’s website is performing in search results - and how to improve that performance - is critical to getting found online. In a previous Starter Post, we’ve discussed the basics of search engine optimization (“SEO”) and why it matters.

Google Search Console (GSC, for short) is a free service provided by Google that can help you manage your website’s search functionality, improve your search engine rankings, and correct any errors that may be hurting your search results.

GSC is a powerful tool - and like many powerful tools, it has some complexity if you are digging into how to use it. Luckily, Google has lots of great support content behind GSC, including a whole series of YouTube videos

While the ins-and-outs of using GSC are beyond the scope of this blog post, what we can hello you with is setting it up for your website - which is actually pretty simple. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into your domain name provider (wherever you registered your domain name - for example,,, or Startomatic) and navigate to the DNS records. Your domain registrar should have instructions on how to do this - Startomatic’s are in the Domain Name Manager Starter Tool.
  2. Head over to the GSC welcome page and enter your domain name (e.g., “”). You’ll need to be signed in to your personal Google account.
  3. In order to verify your ownership of the domain name, GSC will provide you with a “TXT record”, which you’ll need to copy and then paste into the DNS configuration in your domain provider’s site. Tip: There are several other ways to verify your ownership of the domain - just click the appropriate link in GSC and follow the provided instructions.
  4. Once you’ve successfully verified your domain ownership, that’s it!  

But… unfortunately it takes about a week for useful data to show up in Google Search Console. In the meantime, get familiar with some of the powerful tools GSC offers - here is the most comprehensive guide we’ve found. 
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