Starter Marketing 101: How to Claim Your Google My Business Account

There are just five easy steps to help your company get found online

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Mar 26 · 2 min read
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Getting found online is critical for any new business. In a previous Starter Post, we’ve discussed the basics of search engine optimization (“SEO”) and why it matters.

One of the easiest steps to take to be more visible on Google is to set up or verify a Google My Business account for your company

Here’s how to do it, step by step:

1. Go to, click “Manage Now”, and sign in to your personal Google account (not surprisingly, Google requires that you have an individual Google account in order to manage a Google business listing.)

2. In the menu bar, click “Add business”, then “Add single business”, then enter your business’s name. 

3. If your business already has a website or other presence on Google or Google Maps, you’ll likely be able to find it by typing the name into the search box. If not, click “Create a business with this name” or “Add your business to Google”.

4. Choose your business’s industry from the available options, enter an address if you have a physical location, the areas you service, and as many contact details as you can - especially your website, which you should already have set up. (Tip: Need to register a domain name or create a coming soon website? Startomatic has you covered with a Domain Name Finder and a Coming Soon Page Creator.)

5. Click “Finish” - and you’re done!

Ready to start taking advantage of the benefits of Google My Business? 

We recommend you follow Google’s instructions to verify the account, then add photos of your business, including your logo, open/operating hours if applicable, and enter a business description. Tip: Keep your business description consistent with your company’s brand, and try to show off the most exciting or attention-grabbing part of your idea. We’d also recommend that you keep the description pretty consistent with the bio on any social media platforms. This helps build brand identity and customer confidence.

Congratulations! By setting up Google My Business, you’ve made your business more visible to potential customers. As your company grows, you’ll be able to take advantage of other tools within GMB, like replying to customer reviews, notifying people of changes in your operating hours, updating COVID-19 policies, or adding photos to show off your location, in-store events, employee recognition, or work product.

Looking for even more detail about using Google My Business or need help troubleshooting your account? 

Check out Google’s thorough guide and FAQs, here.
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