Starter Marketing 101: Create a LinkedIn Business Page in 5 Simple Steps

A practical guide to creating a company page on the prime professional social media platform

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Jan 29 · 2 min read
LinkedIn - ok, it's not as cool as the 'gram, but your business needs it anyway!
LinkedIn is all about business and professionalism - which is why your business needs to be on LinkedIn. You may already have a personal LinkedIn profile, but by creating a company profile (LinkedIn calls them “Pages”), a starter like you can up your company’s credibility in the eyes of customers, peers, and potential hires.

A LinkedIn business Page is also a great place to get noticed with original content and amplify your employees’ thoughtful content that they may already be posting to their personal LinkedIn pages.

LinkedIn makes it easy to set up a Page for your business. Here are the basics, along with helpful tips for getting the most out of your LinkedIn Page. Tip: it’s easiest to use a laptop/desktop browser to set up your Page.

Five Easy Steps to Create a LinkedIn Business Page:

  1. Go to and sign in to your personal account. LinkedIn requires that you have a personal account before you can create a business Page - and you should be on LinkedIn anyway, so don’t wait, set up your account if you haven’t already.
  2. Click “Work” in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage, then click “Create a Company Page” and choose “Small business”.
  3. In Page identity, enter your business’s public-facing name, and if possible use the same name in the custom URL field (the web address where your company will be found on LinkedIn). Tip: Try to keep your URL and name consistent here, and consistent across all your other social media platforms. This will build user confidence and make it easier for people to find your business. Also add your company’s website address, even if it’s just a coming soon page.
  4. Complete the “Company details” section with your business’s industry, size and type, upload your business’s logo (recommended size is 300x300 pixels) and add a Tagline. Tip: Keep your Tagline consistent with your company’s brand, and try to show off the most exciting or attention-grabbing part of your idea. We also recommend that you keep your Tagline consistent with the company’s “bio” across all your social media platforms. (Related: need help getting a company logo? Startomatic has a Starter Tool for that!)
  5. Click the verification box and then “Create page”.

That’s it - you’re ready to go on LinkedIn!

Excited to do even more on LinkedIn? Great! LinkedIn clearly wants you to take the time to fully build out your Page. As the Page creator, you’ll be what LinkedIn calls a “Page Super Admin”, and they’ll provide you with a “Meter” and “Action cards” to guide you through completion of the remaining sections of your Page.

Ready to create your company’s LinkedIn Page? Click here.

Looking for even more detail about creating a company Page on LinkedIn?? No problem - check out LinkedIn’s Best Practices for Pages, here.
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