Starter Marketing 101: Create a Business Facebook Page in Just 4 Steps

A simple, four-step guide to creating a powerful Facebook presence for your new company

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Jan 28 · 3 min read
It's easy to get your business up on the world's largest social media platform.
Facebook can be a strong marketing and business development tool for many new companies. Luckily for starters like you, Facebook makes it easy to set up a new account for your business. Facebook calls it’s business accounts “Pages”. Here are the basics of setting up a Page, along with helpful tips for getting the most out of your Facebook Page. First tip: it’s easiest to use a laptop or desktop browser to set up your Page.

Four Easy Steps to Create a Business Facebook Page:

1. Head over to (duh!) and sign in to your personal account. (Not one of the two point seven billion humans with a FB account? What are you, a Luddite? Sorry, but to create a business Page, Facebook requires that you have a personal account.)

2. Click the “+” button (“Create”) in the top menu, then select “Page”. Under “Page Name”, enter your business’s public-facing name, select your category of products or services from the options, and enter a short bio of the business under “Description”. Tip: Keep your business bio consistent with your company’s brand, and try to show off the most exciting or attention-grabbing part of your idea. We’d also recommend that you keep your bio pretty consistent across all your social media platforms. This helps build brand identity and customer confidence.

3. Click “Create Page”, then get to personalizing the Page by uploading your business’s logo and cover photo using the “Add Profile Picture” and “Add Cover Photo” buttons. Tip: ideally, your logo should be small and square-ish - about 170x170 pixels - and your cover photo should be bigger and wide - about 1640 x 856 pixels. Think of your cover photo like a billboard for your company’s product or service - and consider changing it regularly to keep things fresh. (Related: need help getting a company logo? Startomatic has a Starter Tool for that!)

4. Don’t forget to “Like” Startomatic!

That’s it - you’re ready to go! 

Are you the “extra credit” type? Ok then, here are a few more ways to juice up your new Page:

Once your Page is live, don’t stop there! To start taking advantage of the credibility-building and marketing power of Facebook, you need to do some things to raise the profile of your page. First, create a post - make it something powerful - it should be different from your bio and should be topical, like the dates of your grand opening, or a link to your company’s coming soon website, or anything else that is on-brand and attention grabbing. You may want to “pin” this post to the top of your profile (click the three dots in the top right of the post, then “Pin to Top of Page”).

Consider asking all of your Facebook Friends to “Like” your new page - you’re excited about your business, right? Share that excitement! Just click the three dots at the top of your Page’s profile, then click “Invite Friends”, and select the friends to invite. You’ll probably be surprised how many of them will jump at the chance to support you!

Ready to do even more to build and promote your new Facebook Page? 

Lucky for you, Facebook loves when you do that - they’ll prompt you to take a number of actions to try to get more Likes and page views. Experiment with a “Call to Action” button, or consider advertising on Facebook. Advertising is, of course, where Facebook makes most of their money, so they have an insanely huge number of ways to spend money with them. They’ll make it easy to get started - and you can get as complex with your ads and campaigns as possible. Our advice? Take a look at their advertising overview page here, and start small.

Looking for still more guidance on how to make your business pop on Facebook?? Lucky for you, there’s tons of information out there to help you do just that. To get started, check out Facebook’s business guide, here!

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