Seven Tools You Need to Start Your Business

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Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Jun 29 · 4 min read
When you’re looking to start a business, you may not know where to start or how to get it off the ground. Luckily, at Startomatic, we have all the tools you need to start your business right. Don’t have a name yet? Use our Company Name Generator. Unsure of how to structure your company’s ownership? Take our Company Ownership Setup tool for a spin.

Find out more about the top seven tools for starting your business that can make the process easier and set yourself up for long-term success.

1. Company Name Generator 

If you want to capture people’s attention and develop your brand, you need a company name your customers can trust. With our Company Name Generator Tool, you can use the program to receive several exceptional company names for you to choose from. 

Our generator uses a short description of your company, your industry, and your location to create a list of relevant names. Additionally, this tool will do a company name check to provide you with information about available domain names related to your chosen company name.

2. Domain Name Finder

Once you’ve decided on a company name, you’ll likely want to lock in a “.com” web domain matching it. Having a domain name matching your company name is crucial to growing your online presence and making it easier for potential clients or customers to find you. With our Domain Name Finder Tool, you can quickly see whether there’s a matching domain available. If there’s not, the tool will show you similar domain names. Pair this tool with our Domain Name Registration tool once you’ve found a domain you love.

3. Company Ownership Setup

When you first form a company, you’ll have to decide who owns various portions of your business, as well as who’s responsible for decision-making and management. Our Company Ownership Setup Tool can help you quickly make these decisions and implement them - including in all the legal documents you need

For example, if you’re forming an LLC, this tool can help you designate initial company managers and issue membership interests to your company’s initial owners. On the other hand, if you’re forming a corporation, this tool can designate your corporation’s initial officers and Board of Directors. It can also help you issue shares of stock to your corporation’s initial owners.

4. EIN Application Filing 

If you’re forming a new company in the U.S., you’ll almost certainly need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Basically, EINs are like Social Security Numbers but specialized for businesses. With our EIN Application Filing Tool, you can fully automate the EIN application process and make it entirely painless. This tool will gather crucial pieces of information about your business and then submit your EIN application for you. Maybe best of all? There’s no extra charge for this service; it’s 100% included in your Startomatic subscription.

5. Logo Creator

One of the biggest concerns of a new business is creating a logo that stands out to its target audience and captures its brand. Our Logo Creator Tool provides our clients with thousands of colors, graphic elements, and fonts to help you quickly craft a brand-friendly logo. This tool also allows users to download more than 15 versions and sizes of a selected logo, so you’ll have the perfect logo for your social media accounts, blog posts, and more.

With all of the features of our logo maker app, it’s perfect for any company looking to quickly create a custom company logo. If you already have a logo and don’t need our Logo Creator Tool, use our Logo Uploader Tool to quickly upload your logo to various locations, such as your social media accounts, coming soon web page, and Startomatic company profile. 

6. Trademark Search

When you’re choosing a name, you’ll definitely want to conduct a search for any existing trademarks to be sure you’re not getting yourself into a jam. When you use our Trademark Search Tool, you can instantly search the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s over eight million records. After searching a name, you’ll see whether there are any pending trademark applications, live trademarks, or registered trademarks similar to the name you searched.

7. Project Manager Tool

Once you’re in the weeds of preparing projects and tasks for your business, you’ll love our Project Manager Tool. With this tool, you can better manage multi-stage projects by creating unlimited projects and tasks, grouping them within specific Task Lists.

Additionally, you can use our Project Manager Tool to assign relevant tasks with completion dates to multiple team members. Since this tool integrates with our Company Calendar Tool, you can easily track your scheduled tasks. With all of the ways this tool can help you manage projects, it can act as the central hub for creating, scheduling, and assigning to-do items for yourself and your team.

Choose Startomatic for Your Business Tool Needs

When you partner with Startomatic as you create your business, you’ll have a powerful suite of starter tools in your corner. Instead of overpaying for different subscriptions and services, you’ll have all the tools you need when you choose Startomatic’s all-in-one solution.

Alongside our tools, we offer Starter Guides and Starter Posts to make launching your business easy. Once you partner with us, you’ll also enjoy how our online payment solutions and cost-effective pricing make it simple for you to pay for our services

Ready to put our powerful tools to use? Review our Starter Tools offerings or learn more about how they work today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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* starter | stär-tər | n.
  1. Someone who acts on the opportunity to create profits using knowledge, skills, and tools.
  2. Like "entrepreneur", but less pretentious—and easier to spell.

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