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Everything you need to know about keeping your business organized - and getting stuff done

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Aug 6 · 3 min read
Everything in its proper place - for you and your new business
Keeping organized is a must for pretty much any business founder. But all too often, the big software developers overlook new businesses & smaller startups when they’re designing their products or services. Their project management tools are complicated, expensive, and have a steep learning curve.

So how should a starter like you keep on top of everything you have to do? Here’s a look at the features you need in project management software, from the point of view of a small business. 

Beyond a To-Do List

Let’s back up—why do you need project management software at all? For a long time, to-do lists were considered the gold standard in project management and organization. In today’s digital age, project management tools are like to-do lists on steroids.

Modern project management software is typically a layered digital to-do list organized into a hierarchy something like this: Project-->Task List-->Task. Individual tasks can even be assigned to one or more team members, and given a deadline that may be integrated directly into a company-wide calendar

Project Management Problems to Avoid

Once you’ve decided to use a project management tool to keep yourself in order, you’ll need to pick a provider that works for you. Keep an eye out for these “gotchas” - all of which are easily avoidable:

  • High price tags: Tools like Basecamp often have price tags that make project management inaccessible to small businesses. 
  • Long-term costs: Other project management tools get businesses in the door with low upfront costs that charge per user. While it might seem affordable at first, your bill will become exponentially larger as your team grows. 
  • Limited features: Additionally, “free” or low-cost account levels often come with limited features or distracting ads. 

So where can you find comprehensive project management software just for new & small businesses? Startomatic is the easy choice. Not only do we put the organizing power of the Project Manager at your fingertips, but a single Startomatic subscription includes other must-have software tools for collaboration and efficiency.  We’re talking File Manager, Group Chat, Meeting Manager, Idea Board and more. 

Startomatic’s solutions are designed specifically for new businesses, offering an all-in-one membership - for unlimited users - that costs less than many small businesses pay for a single user’s subscription. Read on for a more detailed description of Startomatic’s Project Manager features, or see all the details for yourself, right here

All The Features You Need—And Nothing You Don’t

At Startomatic, we like to keep things simple. Let’s take a closer look at some of our project management features and how they help small businesses:
  • No buy-ups: All of our features are included—you don’t have to pay for the highest level of convenience, and we won’t charge you extra once you make it to the big leagues. 
  • Assign tasks: Delegation has never been easier (or more organized). Using the Project Manager, you can create and assign tasks to the appropriate team members to evenly distribute your company’s workload. 
  • Meeting Manager integration: Create and assign tasks right from the Meeting Manager, so everyone stays on track with what is discussed at your online or in-person meetings.
  • Due date feature: Do you have trouble keeping track of deadlines? You can assign a due date for every task in the Project Manager to help you, your colleagues, and your employees prioritize workloads.
  • Calendar integration: Once you have all of your due dates loaded into your tasks, you can integrate these deadlines into your Company Calendar—helping everyone in your company stay on track.
  • Unlimited team members: You can add an unlimited number of users to your project management account—helping you grow without limits.

Comprehensive Project Management Tools

Some project management tools help sweeten their membership deals by throwing in chat services or other small perks. Startomatic memberships take added services to new heights. Our partnership is your one-stop business support system. In addition to our Project Management tool, your single subscription unlocks all of the resources you need to launch and grow your start-up, including:

...and so much more!

Startomatic: Small Business Project Management

So are you ready to get Startomatic’s project management support on your side? Our memberships include our project management software—and all of the other tools you need to successfully start and grow your business. The best part? All of this and more comes at just $99 a month. You can try Startomatic risk-free with our two-week trial. Sign up here today!

Startomatic makes it radically easier, faster, and less expensive for starters* to launch and run a company. Starter Flow is your step-by-step guide to plan, brand, and incorporate your new company—complete with automated tasks and practical advice and answers. Learn more
* starter | stär-tər | n.
  1. Someone who acts on the opportunity to create profits using knowledge, skills, and tools.
  2. Like "entrepreneur", but less pretentious—and easier to spell.

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