Introducing Starter Flow - Launch Your Business With Complete Confidence

How one experienced software company is making it radically easier for anyone to start a new company

Andrew Fisher Andrew Fisher
Jul 8 · 2 min read
Starter Flow - getting starters from idea to business with confidence
Startomatic Inc. announced today the release of a major update to its small business founder software platform. The company says that its new webapp, Starter Flow, builds on Startomatic’s core mission of making it faster, easier, and less expensive for anyone, of any background, to launch and run a successful business.

According to Robbie Allen, serial entrepreneur and CEO of the Durham, North Carolina-based SaaS company, “Starter Flow is a brand new way to think about starting a business. You bring a business idea, and Starter Flow walks you through the entire planning, branding, incorporating, and business-building process.”

Targeting first-time and “main street” entrepreneurs

Since Startomatic subscribers pay only $99/month, Allen says he hopes Startomatic will “reach a whole new market of first time and nontraditional entrepreneurs.”

Subscribers get access to Starter Flow, along with a host of helpful software tools and step-by-step “Starter Guides”, covering a variety of common tasks facing new business founders - tasks that are often overlooked or misunderstood.

The company also released a completely revamped website, highlighting the speed and ease with which starters (what Startomatic prefers to call entrepreneurs or founders) can plan, brand, incorporate, and build their new businesses.

How Starter Flow Works

Starter Flow is a fully-guided, step-by-step process for completing four major areas of launching a new business: Business Planning, Company Branding, Legal Incorporation, and Back Office Setup. Every step uses proprietary software to automate founders’ tasks, and any of the steps in the process can be skipped, for example, by starters who have already completed tasks like choosing a company name, designing a logo, or purchasing a web domain.

Here’s how the company describes the four major areas of Starter Flow:

1. Business Planning  
Starter Flow walks the user through company fundamentals like writing a mission statement, defining major revenue streams, and considering how best to reach their initial customers. Subscribers come out of this step with a simple “QuickPitch” business plan and a better idea of what their most important next steps are.

2. Company Branding
This step automates finding a conflict-free company name, designing (or uploading) a custom logo, and getting a custom “coming soon” web page up on the company’s domain name. There’s no extra charge for registration of one domain, and you can even bring your own domain if you already have one.

3. Legal Incorporation
With a little user input, Starter Flow creates all the legal documents needed to form a corporation or LLC in all 50 states. Even better, the documents can be e-signed and filed immediately, meaning many companies are formed in as little as 24 hours. Subscribers pay only the state filing fee, which varies based on the state of formation.

4. Back Office Setup
Subscribers are introduced to the principal “Starter Tools” that they’ll have access to as they continue the process of launching and growing their new business. These include a Project Manager (track, assign and schedule tasks with ease), Meeting Manager (make meetings productive again!), Idea Board (a.k.a. creativity central), and Group Chat (think Slack™, but right-sized for your team - and at no extra charge!).

Looking for more information about Startomatic and what it can do for your new business? Check them out at
Startomatic makes it radically easier, faster, and less expensive for starters* to launch and run a company. Starter Flow is your step-by-step guide to plan, brand, and incorporate your new company—complete with automated tasks and practical advice and answers. Learn more
* starter | stär-tər | n.
  1. Someone who acts on the opportunity to create profits using knowledge, skills, and tools.
  2. Like "entrepreneur", but less pretentious—and easier to spell.

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