Startomatic Launch

For just $499 $299 plus state filing fees*, Startomatic Launch is a software tool that makes it super easy to get your company legally formed and online. There is no other software company on the planet whose sole focus is helping entrepreneurs, but that's Startomatic's mission!

Instead of using multiple services to make your company a reality, Startomatic packages a number of features in one tool, which makes us the easiest and least expensive way to start a company.

On top of that, once you've completed your company profile, we turn everything around in just a couple of business days, so we're also the fastest option too.


Launch includes:

Name and Logo

Use our name generator to come up with a company name and use our fun logo generator to automatically create a professional logo.

Internet Domain

We'll help you find a domain name based on your company name and register it for you.


Use our basic website builder to get an initial landing page up so you are prepared for SEO success.


Give your co-founders and advisors access to view and comment on your company's profile

Legal Formation

We generate all the legal documents needed to form your corporation or LLC, and then file them in your state.

Social Media

We'll create and set up your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Trademark Search

We automatically check your company name and domain against the USPTO trademark database to ensure there are no conflicts.

Email & Calendar

We'll set up email and calendar so you can use your new Internet domain.

* Expedited state filing fees average $150-$350, depending on the state.

Watch one of our founders start a new company with Startomatic Launch: